Some Things That All Women Need to Know About Life

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So listen, there’s something I need to tell you and it’s that this post is part of a sponsored program with Socialstars and Poise, but y’all; it’s all true nonetheless. #PoisewithSAM

Now, the rest of this is just about a few things that y’all need to know. Things that all women should know. Because all of this hating and attitude, it’s just not cute, girls! So let’s listen to this and figure out how we can be better than we already are, OK?

1. You’re not perfect, except when you are

Just stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. You can only be the very best that you can be. Someone else’s best might not be your best, but unless you’re using that to drive you in a good way, you’ve really got to stop comparing yourself to other people. We are all perfectly made and you need to really believe that to accept yourself.

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We all struggle with this compare and contrast syndrome. I struggle in a huge way when it comes to this career I call blogging. I’m a great writer. I could write all day long. I hate taking pictures. Actually, hate might not be a strong enough word. I’m not a rockstar where taking pictures is concerned. I am not that great at editing them, and in the big bad world of blogging, those photos are generally more important than the eloquently placed words I am capable of spewing out. Know what I do? I press on. Because that’s all I can do. I’m not perfect. I accept that, and I move on finding comfort in my strengths.

2. There’s something you can do about that

The compare and contrast syndrome is the death of your confidence. How can you turn the constant comparison and judgment into fuel to make yourself better? Because let’s just be honest here, when you have a problem or judgment with someone else, it’s your problem, not theirs. And more often than not, it’s because of something you wish you could change about yourself. Stop hating other people and what they’ve got and learn to love you!

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I was super crazy jealous of my friends who ran races. I couldn’t run because I have this super embarrassing problem where I leak from the bladder when I try to breathe and stride at the same time. If I stride and hold my bladder I can’t breathe. If I breathe and hold my bladder, I can’t stride. If I stride and breathe, I leak. I took the problem into my own hands and got these super great Poise microliners. Now I can breathe, stride, and leak all I want with confidence, and most of the time I forget they’re even there because they’re so thin and flexible. No more soggy running britches! Now I’m all dry.

I know that’s a crazy comparison, but I knew my weakness and I dealt with it so I could tackle something I wanted to be able to do. Same goes for everything else in your life.

3. We are not created equally

I know you’ve heard the expression, “Comparing apples to oranges”, right? Well, that’s what you’re doing when you compare yourself with other women. I can’t very well compare myself with someone who has a different bone structure, leg length, or height than myself. I can compare myself to other girls about my height, with similar leg length, musculature, and bone structure – because that’s realistic. Thinking I’m ever going to grow long legs is just crazy. Ain’t gonna happen. Ever.

That’s like comparing bulky maxi pads to slim, super absorbent microliners. One is intended to catch blood and the other is intended to deal with your light bladder leakage. One you wear when Aunt Flo visits, the other you wear all the rest of the time to contain those laughing, coughing, running, sneezing light bladder leakage moments so that you don’t have to change your ensemble in the middle of a coughing fit at the grocery store. It’s happened, y’all. Except I wasn’t wearing undies, and I had a skirt on. No, that was not my water breaking. One is thick and you can always feel when it’s there. The other is so slim and absorbent that you have no idea it’s there until you pull down your pants to pee and you’re like, “OH YEAH! That’s why my undies are still dry today!”

4. You’re only as pretty as your attitude

Have you ever met one of those people who is downright gorgeous until they open their mouths, and then they’re absolutely hideous? How about someone who’s not traditionally attractive but just has the most amazing outlook on life. They become the sexiest person on earth, right?

Stop it right now with that scowl on your face. Did you know that the muscles in your face actually affect your attitude? It’s true. It’s science. Aren’t happy? Force a smile and fake it until you make it. IT. WORKS. It’s like this. Get rid of that which does not make you happy. Life is a constant evaluation process. If you notice that you have drama everywhere you go, you might be the common denominator. Stop, collaborate, and listen. Your attitude sucks. Nobody likes it. Change it. Period. End of story.

5. Protect yourself

What do you think of when I say “Protect yourself”? Whatever it was that you thought of, that’s what it means. If you’re not having protected sex, protect yourself. If you need to protect your emotions, protect yourself. If you have aging skin, protect yourself with sunscreen. If you wizz a little every time you cough, sneeze, laugh, jog, jump, guffaw, trip, walk funny, do yoga, or whilst driving, protect your freaking self.

Protection PoiseWithSAM

I mean really, keeping your emotions just hanging out there for people to stomp all over is like knowing you’re going to go see an Adam Sandler movie and not doing #PoiseWithSAM. Get your ish together, girls! Make sure that every part of you is always protected. You have to take care of you. If you don’t, who will? Well, I guess I will help take care of you by letting you know that you can get a free Poise Sample at by clicking on that link back there. You’re welcome.


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