MakerWear Hats – Fashion for your Head

MakerWear Hats – Fashion for your Head

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Thanks to MakerWear hats sponsoring this post, I’m back in the hat business. Let me show you how I styled my new five-panel hat on our trip to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C..

MakerWear Hats! Hot Fashion for 2014

I used to be a complete hat girl, then I moved to Florida and it was too darned hot to wear hats. I have tons and tons of super thick hair, and my head started itching something fierce within minutes. NO thank-you.

But I feel like part of my fashion life has been missing and I’m getting back to adding a chapeau into my routine.

I recently discovered MakerWear hats and I absolutely love them. The hats are designed by emerging artists, then chosen by MakerWear to be put into production. You can browse all of the different styles by visiting MakerWear online to see if they can be found at a Target near you.

Put a Bird On It MakerWear Hat, Target,

Anyways, The Workaholic had some time off recently and we had planned to go either to Florida or New York City, but our van developed a lovely radiator leak, so we realized that we just couldn’t go as far away as we wanted to. We decided on Washington, D.C. which is less than 4 hours from our house. I had never been to D.C. before, so I was extremely excited. I packed my favorite new dress from Target and some leggings (because that dress doesn’t cover my butt), my favorite boots, and my “Put a Bird on It” MakerWear hat for our trip to the National Zoo.


I think the look was perfect and covered up the fact that I really need a fresh shave on the left side of my head. (I’m a slacker, what can I say?). These hats are SO much fun, and there are styles for everyone.

The dress, leggings, and hat can all be found at Target. I have enormous calves so I have to shop at the big girl store for my boots, and the sweater in the “ZOO” pic is extremely old. And you can’t have it.

MakerWear Hats, created by artists, for the super hip

MakerWear is sponsoring a super sweet contest right now and you could be the next face of MakerWear. You could also win a $1000 gift certificate to Target. I totally can’t, but you can. Click the link here to get more information on this Model Contest, I would LOVE to see one of my awesome readers win this contest. Will it be you?
To get the look for yourself, visit my Polyvore clipboard.







MakerWear Hats, created by artists, for the super hip

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  1. Very cute! I wish I would have known you were in my neck of the woods! I would have come down to meet you there with my kids! :) We’re just in Silver Spring, which is about 30 minutes away! Maybe next time you’re in this area!!
    Serena @ Thrift Diving recently posted..I’m Hacking This Changing TableMy Profile

    • It was our first time there and we loved it! We got there last Monday, so just in time for the massive snowfall. Our hotel was 3 blocks from the National Mall so we played in the snow with the Capitol building as the backdrop. It was beautiful and so much fun. We didn’t get to see much so we definitely want to come back. I’ll for sure let you know when the next time is!

  2. You look fabulous!

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