How to Move With Poise – 5 Things You Need for a Successful Move

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Moving sucks, especially when you have just over a week to pack and secure housing in a new location, so to save you the hardships I had to endure, and thanks to Socialstars, I’m telling you all about how #PoiseWithSAM can make your move a breeze. 

I’ve been completely and utterly absent from the interwebz for the past three weeks because our family made an extremely hasty move from North Carolina to Florida’s Emerald Coast. In a completely unplanned turn of events, Kyle was offered a job at one of the most celebrated restaurants on Florida’s Emerald Coast. It was an offer that we absolutely could not refuse, despite my disdain for the beach and the entire state of Florida. I know, you’re gaping at me right now, stop. I don’t enjoy having sand in my butt crack and I just haven’t quite developed the knack for putting suntan lotion on my kids at regular enough intervals that they escape a sunburn.

What do you need to move?

Whatever, that is all neither here nor there. The fact remains that we had less than 10 days to secure housing in a section of Florida where the rental homes rent by the day for hundreds of dollars during peak season, 10 days to pack the entire belongings of a family of 5, secure a moving truck, and all the other things that go along with moving like utilities in both locations, travel accommodations, and preparing the family for a move one time zone and four states away.

It ended up being a move riddled with Murphy’s Law moments which included 6am check-ins to hotels with parking lots that didn’t accommodate our 20′ U-Haul, hotel sheets with hair, dirt, and other things in them, and general insanity that comes with traveling with three kids, a Type-A Virgo, and a Great Dane. It would make a fantastic screenplay.

There are a few things you absolutely need in order to make a hasty move less stressful and more efficient.

1. Colorful Packing Tape

Light Bladder Leakage LBL Protection

I know you’re probably thinking that its’ a complete waste of money, right? WRONG. We have used the same tape for the past two moves and the guys who unpacked our truck both times have thanked us profusely for the tape. We use the tape on the top of the door frame for each appropriate room and all they have to do is match the tape on the box to the tape on the door. It keeps things organized for us and for them, and nobody has to stand around directing traffic. Plus, the boxes make their way to their rightful home a lot faster which makes unpacking a lot easier, and I get to drive around and check out the new area while the boys sweat their sacks off unloading my belongings.

2. An accessible box of important documents

This is especially helpful when you’re moving with children and you’ll need to register them for school in your new location. The box went in the van with me and was taken to the kitchen where it wouldn’t be lost. I was able to easily access each and every document needed for school registration, except for the school physicals that Florida requires. That demanded a lovely 2.75 hour trip to the Walton County Health Department with two exhausted preschoolers who proceeded to make a scene in the middle of the lobby in front of judgmental onlookers. Sorry, squirrel.

You’ll also need this box when you go to the DMV and Tag Agency for a new license and car tags. Then you’ll need it again when you go apply for a pet permit so that your dog can walk on the beach with you.

3. Poise Microliners

Underwear is a moving staple. Now you need to staple some Poise Microliners into your undies for a perfect move on the fly. OK, staple might be a bit overkill considering they stick directly into your underwear in an extremely secure fashion, but you understand what I’m getting at, right? You’ll notice when you have to move on the fly that nobody will want to come help you pack and lift boxes, so you’ll wind up doing it all yourself while your husband continues to work full time. Then on moving day, you’ll find yourself not thinking about using the restroom until you’re drooling into your pants with the lips most people don’t get to see. You’ll go to help move your antique Ethan Allen desk and squirt a little bit when you lift the darn heavy thing. Then you’ll thank your lucky stars that you have #PoiseWithSAM for that light bladder leakage.

Poise Microliner #PoiseWithSAM

When you start laughing your buns off, causing a little more leakage, you’ll really thank me for telling you about this free sample of Poise offer. Even if LBL isn’t something you normally struggle with, moving on the fly will cause lots of things to happen that don’t normally happen. Light bladder leakage being one of them, your kids miraculously getting along not being one of them.

4. Extra Gig on your wireless service plan

Driving through four different states means lots of radio signal changes. If you enjoy scanning the radio waves every 30 minutes searching for a station that keeps you awake and entertained while driving, then by all means leave this part out. But if you’d like to remain constantly entertained during your otherwise monotonous trip trailing a U-Haul hauling a car at a max speed of 55mph, then you might want to invest in a little more data during the month of your move.

This ensures that your children can play games, post obnoxious Instagram photos of themselves driving by cow pastures, and you can steady listen to music that satisfies the voice in your head that keeps screaming, “Why in the actual flip are we following this slow-ass U-Haul from Point A to Point B?”

5. A Bucket

Have Poise with your next Move #PoiseWithSAM

Summer, a BUCKET? Yes. A freaking bucket. I’m talking a plastic sand bucket. It can be used for a multitude of things, but let me tell you why you really need it on an interstate move. Bathrooms are not always readily available when you need them. I learned this when we stopped to eat at The Varsity in Atlanta, GA. On a 90*+ day with our Great Dane in tow. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? The Dane can’t stay in the car alone while I pee. I’ll be arrested. But nonetheless, I have a Venti latte, a cup of coffee, and a 24oz bottle of water being filtered through my kidneys and siphoned into my bladder. I have to pee. This is another time those handy dandy Poise Microliners come in handy. Almost as much as the bucket. We are fortunate enough to have tinted windows, so I got into the back of the van, dropped trou, sat down on the bucket, and did what Queen Elsa told me to do. I let it go. And go it did. I then dumped my mess out into a bush and wiped it out with a The Varsity napkin before continuing on my way. Of course, a bonus item would be antibacterial hand wipes.

The bucket also came in handy for both Madilyn and Grady, and me again when we stopped at a little backwoods gas station in Alabama due to another strained bladder. I stepped into the outdoor gas station bathroom right into a puddle of unknown liquid on the floor while wearing Mary Jane style Crocs. About 67 flies were swirling around the air, the toilet seat was rubbed bare of paint in some spots, and there was a stench that hit me right in the gut and sent me flying directly out of the bathroom, trying not to lose the recently consumed Salt & Vinegar pork rinds as my right shoe squished onto my foot with each step. After wiping my foot clean with a wet wipe, I once again emptied my bladder into the bucket and dumped it into the grass on the side of the road. I had nothing to wipe with so thank God for the Poise Microliner resting undetected in my new cotton undies.

And all hail the mighty plastic sand bucket.

Of course there are a multitude of things you need for a successful move. These are just the ones that you might not think of while in the trenches, and trying to figure out where in the world you’re going to pack all of the odds and ends that generally just live in piles on your kitchen and bathroom counters. If you have tips for how to organize while you pack, please share them in the comments below because I still haven’t figured that one out.

 What are your moving must-haves?



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    • Summer says

      As always I love YOU! But seriously, that packing tape is the best thing since sliced bread! You can get it at the UPS store!

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