15 Things All Women Absolutely Need to Hear – Regardless of Body Shape or Size – PART 2

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10. Exercise is good for you, but what you do is your business.

Running might not be your thing. Whatever! That’s cool! You might not like to lift weights. Not flexible and don’t like Pilates? Don’t do it! I can’t advocate the absence of some sort of movement, but don’t judge people for their workout routines, and they won’t judge you. Just do SOMETHING. It will make you feel better and will most certainly not hurt during the zombie apocalypse.

9. It’s really OK to think highly of yourself.

I recently asked friends what they thought of me so that I could put their thoughts into a profile for a press trip I was going on. I got a lot of really great things, then someone said that I’m kind of stuck on myself. Know what? They’re totally right. I really like me. I like the way I look, I like the way I think, I like the way I act. I really like me, and that’s perfectly OK. If I don’t like me, who will? There’s a difference between being a narcissistic a-hole and loving who you are. Of course you should like yourself. Of course you should take selfies – you’re worth looking at! And you should support your fellow selfie-takers, because they’re awesome just like you are.

Stop getting pissed off at women who are excited that they’re fitting into their size 2 jeans. Stop giving side eye to your friend who just moved up a dress size. Both of those women are entitled to feeling good about themselves just like you’re entitled to feel good about yourself. If you have a problem with a friend who takes too many selfies, you might want to check yourself and figure out why it bothers you, because it’s your issue and not hers.

8. It’s OK to admit your flaws and work hard at perfecting them, or not.

Knowing where you fail or fall short and admitting it is half your life’s battle. You’re not perfect. There’s no such thing as perfect. There’s not even any such thing as the “perfect” body. You are flawed. Your body is flawed. The woman on that billboard you’re staring at? She’s not perfect either. Accept your flaws and if they are flaws that you can’t live with, work on them. If you can live with them, embrace them and move on. I hate that my butt is sagging and that I have arm fat. I’m working on it by changing my nutrition plan and doing strength training. I know that my nose is a little on the big side. I can live with it. Recognize your flaws and either work hard at perfecting them, or not. Now move on.

7. Big boobs are overrated. Little boobs are too.

Having big tatas doesn’t make you better or more attractive than your itty bitty titty committee friends. It makes you different. I personally hate my big boobs and long for my Bs. That’s just me. If having big boobs makes you confident, run with it. If having little boobs makes you happy, do it. Just don’t expect your ideals to be everyone else’s ideals. And don’t forget: these boobs were made for feeding, and that’s just what they’ll do. Unless they don’t, and then that’s OK too. How silly is it to judge someone over the size of their boobs? C’mon ladies. We’re smarter than that. At least I hope we are.

6. They make clothes that fit your body, you just have to know your body to know how to dress it.

See all these beautiful, confident women? Wearing clothes that fit their bodies? 

I don’t look good in pantsuits. Period. But I know that , so I stay away from them. I do look good in circle skirts paired with tight shirts, fit and flare dresses, and skinny jeans with cute tops. What looks good on me might not look good on you, and by golly gosh, you just might not be able to wear the latest trend. Who gives a rip? Figure out what works for you, on your body, and run with it. It will eliminate so much stress in your life, I guarantee it. When you’re wearing clothes that make you feel good, you will be confident in yourself. Stop trying to squeeze into things that just don’t fit you. You’re making yourself miserable.


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